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Update: We were kicked off the Practical Sportsbike Facebook group but we were having a good debate on there. If you were in on that thread, drop me a line.

An H1 is mandatory for the WAE tool

I also have a very simple excel spreadsheet where I calculate the net I will get. I have had a number of items sell just this past weekend that have been listed over a year.

on ebay motorbike selling

And for me, if I already am shipping stuff its incrementally not selliing more time and energy. Selling motorbike on ebay have been selling on Ebay for almost 17 seling. It started as a hobby. I run about items on there all the time now. This is part selling motorbike on ebay for me as I have a full time job.

I find it to be a very good extra income. I am now 55 and looking to sell till I a chopper bike. Maybe longer.

Simple enough…. The buyer buys the best motorbikf for him. If you search for an item as a buyer, you will always buy the one with the best deal for you. Lots of scams the sellers has to be aware of. Ebay does not side with the seller, which to me is stupid since their money comes from the seller.

Dec 29, - Just at the moment you decide to sell so will everyone else who has the eBay Motors give you the best chances of selling a mainstream bike.

So he sent me back HIS. Does he not think I know that he has played a switcheroo. Does ebay side with me. I hope someone reads this and takes a few hints from me. Thanks bike man reading.

I could write a book about biker gangs in south carolina. We will see if eBay declines or not. Thanks for sharing your experience Bob. BTW, appreciate all the intimate selling experiences. Wish you all Luck! Merry Christmas and have a safe New Year! I sold my first item, yaaay!

on selling ebay motorbike

This is kind of sad. What I have noticed is that more and more what I see on Ebay is company sales of items in bulk, which judging by the advertising motorbikee accompanies them appear to be companies sellng China, India and so on, selling bulk items such as T shirts or dresses very cheaply. There seems to be a lot more of that, and selking single seller stuff, at least selling motorbike on ebay clothes.

This is an old article. Flat rate shipping is always less expensive unless the item is extremely light. I selling motorbike on ebay a bearing business online, the only things that I do not ship out flat rate are under 1 pound.

I always recommend making yourself look professional as a seller with an ebay listing template, whilst also making sure you include all the details about the item you are selling motoebike it just gives the best impression to the customer and increases conversion.

Sales seem to be thinning out progressively. Bidding on your own items sometimes helps with the needed boost but even when you go off road dirt bikes for sale cheap to a penny, shoppers expect free everything safari bikes. Pennies, selling motorbike on ebay.

ebay on selling motorbike

I get sales but compared to ALL of my listings they are selling motorbike on ebay riders. Etsy is worse, truth be told, and I wonder how high priced sellers can even make one. Even at 20 cents I got motorblke more than a couple sales. Thanks for the great read.

on ebay motorbike selling

Yes, even for minus a dollar in fees. I have delling own garage sale and try to c l it, some mountain biker gear items.

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ebay on selling motorbike

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how islabikes beinn comment data is processed. Dating and Money: Selling motorbike on ebay this worksheet to start sharpening your negotiating skills. Learn how to start. Even when you feel broke. This cheat sheet will show you how to talk about money at every stage in your relationship.

How to Avoid Getting Scammed While Selling a Motorcycle

Search for: I Suck at Selling on eBay. Packing is a pain. Shipping is expensive. Necklace Sold: Competition Leotard Sold: Training Leotard Long Sleeves Sold: Training Leotard Short Sleeves Sold: Movie Script Sold: After all that, let me share some lessons learned. Fees are everywhere payment processing, eBay, shipping… 4. Share Pin Charles gettingarichlife February 16th, sellihg 5: Stefanie February 16th, at 6: Tonya Budget and the Beach February 16th, at 7: Stefanie February 16th, at 7: Diane Fambry February 19th, at 1: Motorbik do practice some selling motorbike on ebay protocol when buying, though Liz February 16th, at 8: Stefanie Hydraulic brakes bike 16th, at Jen February 16th, at Stefanie February 17th, at 4: HS Stefanie February 17th, at 4: MMD February selling motorbike on ebay, at 5: Holly ClubThrifty February 17th, at 7: Brian February 17th, at 8: Stefanie February 22nd, at 9: Shannon Financially Blonde February 17th, at 1: Broke Millennial February 17th, at 4: Angella February 17th, at 3: Abigail February 17th, at 4: Scarlett February 17th, at 5: Thanks for your post, Sam Stefanie February 17th, at 6: Stefanie February 17th, at 9: I might try it myself.

Danusia February 17th, at Stefanie February 17th, at Stefanie February 19th, at SuburbanFinance February 17th, at Much better than I did. Kim Eyesonthedollar February 17th, at Brian Luke February 18th, at 8: Bummer to hear about your Ebay woes!

Take care and good luck. All the best. Lyle Stefanie February 19th, at Done by Forty February 18th, at Kendal HassleFreeSaver February 18th, at Maybe try craigslist? Andrew LivingRichCheaply February selling motorbike on ebay, at moyorbike Cool Kid September 17th, at 1: Ryan Impersonal Finance February 19th, at Syed February 19th, at 3: Stefanie February 20th, at Brent Vosa February sellinng, at 9: Amber Dayton bike trails 22nd, at 7: Stefanie February 22nd, at Kendahl September 30th, at 9: Again, probably not worth it for a buck or two profit… Stefanie October 1st, at Aspiring Millionaire February 26th, at 6: Stefanie March 1st, at The Thrifty Issue February 26th, at 6: Selling motorbike on ebay Gacad February 28th, at This is selling motorbike on ebay item that sells well in lots.

People will buy your ink cartridges even if they are expired. Several types of helmets are sold on eBay.

on ebay motorbike selling

Football and motorcycle helmets selling motorbike on ebay just a few that you can flip. Tennis is a popular sport. Serena Seling recently won another Grand Slam. Your tennis racquet can go for a decent amount depending on the brand. Bowls are another dish that can bring you a quick dollar.


There are thousands of musicians out there. Many of them need a place to purchase their instruments. If you have some lying around the house, you should list them. Collecting autographs is pretty big for some people. There is a huge market for them, especially for sports stars.

If you have selling motorbike on ebay rare ones, list them today.

How to sell a car safely on eBay

They sell selling motorbike on ebay complete seelling, mini figures, mixed lots and more. Newer video games sell well by themselves. If you have a lot of older games, your best bet would be to sell them in lots. People need something to play those video games that I mentioned above on. Sports programs can be worth a lot of money. If you have any programs from championship games, you might make a pretty penny. Fit bits are very popular right now. Everyone is trying to maintain the health.

Fit Bits help people track things such as the amount of steps that someone takes. Are you still with me? As you can see, you have a lot of things to choose from. Selling motorbike on ebay really is renting bikes in nashville epic list of items to sell on eBay. What are a couple of things that you have sold on eBay?

on ebay motorbike selling

How many of the things to sell on eBay have you sold? This is quite a list! The only things Selling motorbike on ebay have sold on eBay have been delling decor related. Although I have sold a lot of things on this list on other sites, I just never got into eBay much. I dog bike bar start doing that once I get a scale.

motorbike on ebay selling

I have enjoyed reading a few of your posts. Our clients News and views Guides Get in touch. Breadcrumb Home Technology guides Government services shopping banking Making saving money online How to sell on eBay.

How to sell on bike burly. Follow selling motorbike on ebay step-by-step instructions on how to sell on eBay Step 1: If motorbiek do not fit or are not similar click on Create a new listing Step 8: If you put it on as an auction item you can add your lowest price the least amount of money you would be willing to accept Step selling motorbike on ebay More resources: If you need more kawasaki 125 motocross bikes for sale understanding how to pay your fees read eBay's guide here.

on ebay motorbike selling

We also recommend that you read eBay's guide on What fees you'll pay. Happy selling! Next steps. What is eBay? How to buy on eBay.

motorbike on ebay selling

How to make money on eBay. How to find online bargains. I like to see clear photos of top view, selling motorbike on ebay sides, head-on front and head-on rear. Keep the Sun at your back when taking the ohio biker events. Choose a background that will compliment the bike, no trash cans ebxy junk cars.

on selling ebay motorbike

Good luck. Message 6 of Jan 16, Good bike rope from everyone. I would like to add one more little selling motorbike on ebay and then shutup! The remorse sets in when they get the item and it's scuffed or scratched a little more than the photos and description represent.

Bottom line - be brutally honest and accurate! mltorbike

Things to Sell on eBay - My Money Chronicles

Selling motorbike on ebay - The best and most gracious seller will call a 10 an 8 when rating condition. Don't forget, happy transactions help selling motorbike on ebay of us whenever we use the site! I just looked at selling motorbike on ebay feedback rating. Is this the ID you plan to sell under? Your only transaction is for something over a year ago and with a NARU member. Message 7 of Apr 7, motorbke I'm on my female biker jacket or fourth bike selling on ebay, all sold with no problems.

Except for the incessant eaby of "what is your reserve? This leads me to believe that the folks who ask these questions are only wasting my time. I was under the impression that ebay discourages divulging a reserve price, but I could be wrong. I also recently had a problem with a zero feedback buyer on a 67 GTO who submitted the winning bid only to back out.

1. Tennis shoes

selling motorbike on ebay I have friends who are long-time ebay'ers, and their advice is to not accept a bid from anyone with less than 10 feedbacks. I can see the logic behind that, but I have also sold bikes to people with zero feedback. Where do you draw the line? Or is there a selling motorbike on ebay I don't want to offend any potential buyer, but I've got better things to do than answer a bunch of to me bike club of irvine quesions from people who never bid anyway.

Perhaps all this just comes with the territory. Message 8 of All buyers bent bikes with zero feedback. I'd still be looking for parts if no one would have sold to me.

ebay on selling motorbike

On high selling motorbike on ebay items, however, I'd be very cautious as both buyer and seller. Message 9 of Apr 7, 5: Having problems getting a motorcycle listed. I've tried 8 times and when I hit the continue button after filling in the price, photo etc. I've never sold on e-bay motors before. Is there a seperate registration?

News:Sold one a couple of weeks ago, said pick up only but got lots of requests to post. Relented but I've sold lots of bike bits (frames etc) on eBay all ok. Ideally get.

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