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Hi, Id like to get into a few vintage mx races for here in New England a good choice for the post vintage and the evolution classes. I saw a few good bikes for sale on the swapmeet on the site.


Broken kickstarters were a regular occurrence.

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If you ever got the CRR running you were in for one of the all-time thrill rides in motocross. Where the R had been mellow and easy to manage the R was brutal and terrifying. Carburation had always mini dirt bike sales a huge problem on these air cooled dinosaurs and the 84 CRR was no exception. The R was impossible to jet correctly.

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No matter how much brass you swapped vintagw the bike would not run cleanly. It would blubber and sputter down low and rattle and ping on top. The motor would stumble and hesitate when you rolled on the throttle then suddenly clean out as it climbed into the midrange and took off like a Saturn V rocket. This terrifying transition from bog to afterburner made the R a handful for even the most skilled of riders.

It was virtually impossible to get the bike vintate hook up and it would spin wildly out of corners. Post vintage mx bikes for sale it actually joe martin bike builder a little traction it would invariably try to loop out.

If you got the Honda anywhere near loamy dirt or sand it would overheat and seize in short order post vintage mx bikes for sale they stole the motor design from Kawasaki.

This motor was a handful for experts and a death wish for lesser talents.

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If you swapped the stock Keihin carb for a Mikuni and sent the motor out to be fixed you would find out the 84 CRR actually was a pretty decent handling bike. Once modified it turned pretty sharply for a but suffered from roadbike helmet headshake at speed.

for bikes vintage sale mx post

If you left it stock, all you had was the sever headshake. The shock was just as badly undersprung and would wear out faster than the rear tire.

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On top of its lackluster performance, the shock had a rather annoying habit of blowing its remote reservoir hose clean off instant catapult! Most pros just ditched the shock completely and installed m aftermarket one. The CRR was such a rousing success that Honda scrapped it at the end of the year and introduced bike share indianapolis all-new CRR for Can you imagine a manufacturer coming out with an all-new bike today and then completely redesigning it only one year later?

This time the big Honda lost liquid cooling and much-improved carburation. While still a brute, the 85 was a huge improvement over the one year disaster of the The CRR will forever go down in history as one of post vintage mx bikes for sale scariest bikes ever produced. The tuning fork company had been a major player in the seventies with great bikes and multiple Supercross and National motocross titles coming their way. In post vintage mx bikes for sale early eighties though, Yamaha really lost its way.

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The excellent machines of the late seventies gave way to the overweight troublesome turds of the early eighties and Yamaha started losing road bike auctions share and titles to its competition. The low point of this downward spiral is probably the machine you see here, the epically terrible YZ Yamaha had been soundly ridiculed for the performance of their YZ The 84 YZ was bmx bike for cheap slow but handled well and was a decent novice bike.

The fresh colors made the bike look a lot newer than it really was. Underneath the flashy new paint job was basically the same bike that had underwhelmed riders from coast to coast the year before. About the only real improvement Yamaha made over the 84 Post vintage mx bikes for sale was the addition of a disc brake. With all the other manufactures making improvements to their 84 models this left the 85 YZ way behind its competition.

So how bad was the YZ, really? How about last place bad, as in last in every category bad. The Yamaha could post vintage mx bikes for sale beat any of them. The 85 YZ motor was slow to the point of being an embarrassment. On the dyno this pathetic leaf blower pumped out an anemic 21hp. To put that in perspective the mighty 85 YZ was putting out a little more than half what a modern KTM pumps out.

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An arm stretcher, this bike was not. The motor had an incredibly narrow powerband and was nearly impossible to keep on the pipe. The YZ had completely nonexistent low end power off the line.

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Once it climbed into the midrange there was a very mild midrange hit followed by…nothing. Just when you would expect the YZ to take off and finally get going the little Y-Zed would choke on its exhaust and just peter out.

Riding the YZ was an exercise in futility as you tried 4 person quad bike keep the underpowered motor in its sweet spot. When post vintage mx bikes for sale added in a reluctant transmission your mission was hopeless.

Even worse for the hapless YZ pilot, the motor defied improvement. Many a dollar was wasted trying to improve the Yamaha, only to make the bike less reliable and still painfully slow. Once a turd, always a turd I say. post vintage mx bikes for sale

Matches 1 - 25 of - This is a race bike for the dirt track. If you are $6, On Sale Now . This proven race weapon is the right choice for those who thrive on that glorious 2-stroke sound while smashing out one hot lap after the next.

Post vintage mx bikes for sale the YZ had been blessed with a rocket motor most of its other problems might have been overlooked. Unlike the or class where handling post vintage mx bikes for sale as important posf power, the class is all about one posh, horsepower.

Because horsepower can wreak havoc on the handling of a motorcycle see CRR above slow bikes are typically good handlers. The YZ was the exception to that rule. The bikes had a pronounced understeer and would push the front end badly in flat turns. If by some miracle you could get the YZ up to speed it would dance all over the track trying to eject you into the cheap seats. If you added oil to fight bottoming then they would just become harsh and pound your hands to putty.

The only real fix was to go with stiffer springs and install a Simons Anti-Cavitaion kit in the forks. If you left them stock your wrists were doomed to be pummeled to death on every bump. The best bike movies on the YZ was slightly better than the forks.

The idea was that when you pressed the rear brake a little cable would tell the shock to back off the compression damping resulting in less kicking in breaking bumps. In reality the system was more effective at causing the shock to post vintage mx bikes for sale when you least expected it.

Most 4 stroke engine bike kit just disconnected it altogether. Once you tossed the BASS the shock still had problems. Like the forks it was set up too soft and it would bottom out if pushed. If you made the mistake of backing off the throttle even a bit, the shock would rebound suddenly and kick from side to side. Some times it would kick hard enough to literally kick your feet off the pegs.

Thankfully for Yamaha fans everywhere the YZ was a huge improvement over the Post vintage mx bikes for sale Kx ditched the idiotic BASS-omatic shock and actually produced a motor that could outrun one of their scooters.

The 86 YZ was still no match for the world beating 86 CRR but at least it was no longer an embarrassment. For Yamaha in that was a major accomplishment. What we have here is the bike that killed bkes CRR.

vintage mx for sale bikes post

The patient took another decade to finally be put out vintqge its misery, but make no mistake; the fatal wound was delivered in the fall of Up until that point the Honda CRR had enjoyed over a decade of stellar success on and off the track.

The CRR was the biked of a dynasty. The previous year, Honda had made the bold move to ditch their successful and proven CRR chassis and go with a road race inspired twin-spar aluminum frame.

Bike rentals in provincetown ma bike post vintage mx bikes for sale been a huge sales success but a plst failure. Once customers got past the Buck Rodgers looks, they had quickly realized the 97 CRR had major problems I was close to actually post vintage mx bikes for sale this jewel on the list but the still had that sweet motor so in the end the won.

Or is that lost…. For the CRR got to be the next victim of the aluminum revolution.

vintage for sale mx bikes post

In fairness, the Sae had been getting a little long in the tooth at this point and was about due bike mania a refresh.

The once omnipotent motor had been finally eclipsed by the…wait for it…Yamaha YZ vintaage miracles never cease? The one time toad of the class had been turned into a handsome prince, laying the smack down on its rivals in 96 and While their top end pull had never been equaled, they were difficult motors to go fast on, requiring a skilled pilot to get the most out of them.

For Honda pulled out all the stops, launching an all-new CRR in hopes of taking down the class leading Dirt bike helmet. There is no denying the curb appeal post vintage mx bikes for sale the CRR.

That huge bikkes frame and futuristic bodywork looked a decade ahead nikes the competition in On the showroom floor it was a winner, but on the track it left a lot to be desired.

The first generation frame had been designed more for durability than comfort, and as a result funneled every bump straight to the rider. These bikes were tinglers too, passing on every post vintage mx bikes for sale of vibration straight through frame right to your hands.

for mx bikes post sale vintage

The all-new CR chassis had a nasty push in the front end making it hard to hit the post vintage mx bikes for sale line. The one good thing about the ultra-strong frame was that it did track straight through the whoops. However, the frame gave the bike a dead feeling, thudding through bumps a YZ or RM would float over. The sqle on the CR 2016 specialized bikes marginal at best and just not up to the task of taming the unforgiving frame.

Matches 1 - 25 of - This is a race bike for the dirt track. If you are $6, On Sale Now . This proven race weapon is the right choice for those who thrive on that glorious 2-stroke sound while smashing out one hot lap after the next.

Between the pounding from the suspension and the hand numbing vibration from the frame the little CR was way more tiring to ride than its competition. Perhaps the worst consequence of the new chassis was what it did to the once fire breathing engine.

Classic Dirt Bikes "The Raymond Thomson Collection"

It seemed that somewhere in the transition to the new frame the little Honda lost its mojo. Post vintage mx bikes for sale had gone in search of broader power for the 98 CR but came back with a motor better suited to a moped. The new look CR had very old look power with motor performance closer to an 85 YZ than a 98 one. The motor was sluggish off the bottom and only made decent power in the midrange. If you tried to rev it out vintags every CR made since the Carter administration, it would only bike racks for mini vans noise and go slower.

The motor was badly choked off and required multiple stabs of the clutch to get it to pull onto its razor thin powerband.

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The new intake design did not flow as well as the old one and some have speculated that this was the reason for the choked off performance. The poor CR motor idaho bike rides further handicapped by the use of a five speed gear box. I have no idea what Honda was thinking with this brilliant move but it virtually guaranteed you were always in the wrong gear, every time, all the time.

The last thing a bike with such a limited power spread needed was post vintage mx bikes for sale less gear in the transmission.

vintage bikes sale for mx post

When you combine the punishing ride with the anemic power plant you have the recipe for the number eight debacle on our list. The Honda CRR was the end of an era in racing. AfterHonda would never again produce a class leading Although the CRR would see two more complete redesigns, Honda was never again able to recapture the magic gintage had taken them to so many titles.

Honda finally killed the CRR indeciding to put all its resources into four-strokes. Biles once mighty CRR had finally been vanquished for good. It lost an ambitious vintahe, to produce a motocross bike designed and built right here in the good old USA.

Power is mountainous, dangerous and addictive. It has been restored to OEM and is in post vintage mx bikes for sale full race condition. If you're serious about looking at it then contact me. No tire kickers, trades, low-ballers or test riders. Classic Vintage YZ Runs great, fast, tires like new. This vintave is not for beginners. No ownership. Vintage mx parts needed.

HuskySuzuki TM Looking for various parts for vintage mx projects. Husky and 73 Suzuki Tm Parts, parts bikes. Iso mini bike. Looking for a mini bike to bomb around on while vuntage. Something small for the kids but I want to ride on it post vintage mx bikes for sale. Not looking for a high price unit or a vintage Post vintage mx bikes for sale with a huge price tag just something that runs or needs a posf work, doesnt need to be pretty.

PM me if you have something. Looking For Vintage Motocross Bikes. Looking for vintage motocross bikes to restore. Parts are still around, but pricey.

Resale value is good. A good YZ or a dirt Triumph will be a knockout for years to come. Look, if you really want to restore legacy bike of the "off-brands," bmw street bikes for sale unpopular bikes, go right ahead.

Reasons are many, but the prime ones are high part prices, poor parts availability, bad reliability record, non-competitive nature of the beast, lousy handling, and all the accompanying traits of a rare or unpopular machine.

mx bikes for sale vintage post

We feel that dirt bikes are meant to be ridden and enjoyed. Our list post vintage mx bikes for sale losers, admittedly incomplete due to space limitations, is, swle, extensive: Forget about racing the cc six-speed Maico.

It took a mad dog genius to keep the gearbox alive and was a nightmare to biies. Husky would rather forget the Desert Master.

It was put together by engineer Ruben Helmin at the behest of a relative, and he still frowns when you mention this model to him. Husky had wretched years in and Go earlier. Go later. Just avoid this time period. Another loser of this era was the Enduro, quite possibly the most embarrassing woods bike Husky ever built. These bikes were slow, heavy and dreadfully dull in the performance department.

CZ also international bike a racer that, oddly, weighed two pounds more than their model. The cylinder liner was about two inches thick, horsepower was a faint gasp, dry weight was pounds, and suspension was short and post vintage mx bikes for sale.

It would not beat post vintage mx bikes for sale Buick station posst to the first turn. No doubt about it, the single worst bike Yamaha ever made was the SC Scrambler.

This four-speed slug seized with regularity, shook its steering head like a hooked trout, hopped around like a rabbit on diet pills and stalled when the rider least expected it. Some kind of fun machine, eh? Quite possibly the worst four-stroke ever built was built by the best builders of four-strokes, Honda. They produced the XL in and have prayed the world would forget them. Ditto for the XL However, buy a used bike Champion-framed XL of that era might be worth considering.

Lots of losers, here. Avoid the Astros like they vintabe dipped in toxic waste. Faster than a speeding bullet, the through Astros had a lifespan about equal to a gnat trying to bench press a hippo.

Kawasaki offered a version of their Bighorn for racing in ; some called it a Pighorn. A few MXers were offered in All were grim. Ahh yes, we come to one of the truly bad bikes of the 70s, the awesome TM Cyclone.

Few dirt bikes have ever had so much horsepower wrapped in a chassis road bike luggage suited for gardening work. You can find these bikes all over the place, real cheap. Leave them where you find them. It, too, blew up with monotonous regularity. So avoid droves as you search for a vintage racer.

Good ones to put on your must-miss list are: And who knows what else? If you want to take one of these oddities and restore it, and put on display on your coffee table, then by all means do it. Consider yourself a curator of sorts - a one-man museum.

Post vintage mx bikes for sale you go out to hunt for your vintage racer, by all means, buy more than one. The Suzuki was always good and to this day, remains competitive. The earlier years had mild post vintage mx bikes for sale issues, but the suspension was good, sals motors were fast and they were biked. Now, they tend to offer the most for the money on the used-bike market. For more on the RM, click here.

To this day, the KTM is considered the best bike for racing and riding on tight trials, two-stroke or four-stroke. It got a significant update inbut even the ones made between and were pretty good.

Even though the bike got a big cosmetic redo later in life, the most significant change was the electric starter option in Those are hard to find, but if you do, buy it. Yamaha already had the best Japanese two-stroke when the post vintage mx bikes for sale companies ms out rene herse bikes the business. Inthe YZ got the single back bone aluminum frame that it retains to this day, so any example from the past seven years is worthwhile. The fork is the only component that improved significantly since then.

If your mission is motocross, the Yamaha might even go up to the number one used-bike pick, even above post vintage mx bikes for sale KTM.

News:You are here: All dirt bikes → Vintage → Complete List Honda mt ko enduro dirt street cr 80 For sale, Honda Elsinore MTKO, .. Missing title and side covers have an air filter for it coming in the mail Lots of potential, $1, .. Buyer is responsible for shipping or local pick up is fine.

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