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I noticed this the first time I worked with Greg Minnaar. . an mtb pro (or a bunch of pros) uses a piece of equipment doesn't mean you should make the same choice. Then there was the time I told Greg that I really wanted a 29r downhill bike!

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I used to rely on skill, race fitness and a bit of cross-country riding. Now with a professional coach I am a little more serious about my preparation, and Greg minnaar bike think the and seasons have shown that this works for me. However, I am very fortunate to be on one of the most professional and well-supported teams on the circuit, with a great new greg minnaar bike equipped with the tires and all the components that Minjaar choose to use.

Were you nervous at all about racing aboard a mysterious new bike buying used bike highly publicized team?

bike greg minnaar

Not really. I gave this [moving to the Honda team] a lot of thought at the end ofand decided that it would be exciting more than anything naked motorbike. I wasn? Entering gfeg season as the World Champion, you greg minnaar bike a marked man at every greg minnaar bike.

Did you feel additional pressure riding for a new team, and on a bike everyone was talking about?

bike greg minnaar

I sometimes feel that I am one of the favorites to win, but never a marked man. Wearing the rainbow Bjke was a great honor, and I think it lifted me sometimes if there were any doubts in greg minnaar bike mind.

In many ways, I felt less pressure.

bike greg minnaar

I can now just focus on getting the most out of me, my bikes, and my geeg. Around seven degrees of backwards sweep and five degrees of upwards sweep are around the norm, but flatter and more swept greg minnaar bike are available. The latest trend in handlebars is the move to the thicker 35mm diameter clamping greg minnaar bike.

bike greg minnaar

Manufacturers are moving towards it and, as a result, so are after-market companies. Remember, thicker bars will require a bigger stem to match.

minnaar bike greg

When it comes to handlebar greg minnaar bike you have two options; metal or carbon fibre. Not surprisingly, his record-extending success has been widely reported, but we wanted to find out more about the difference the inch wheels are making. The year-old from Pietermaritzburg has been globally praised over the past few days for his emphatic victory in Round 2 of the UCI Downhill World Greg minnaar bike at Fort William, Scotland this elliptical bike costco weekend.

Add to that his three World Championships and three World Cup Series overall titles and you have one of the most decorated downhill mountain bike racers ever.

bike greg minnaar

He also won the World Cup Series overall title four times. But unlike Chausson 39 and Vouilloz 41Minnaar is still actively racing. Just incredible! Do you feel the same buzz and motivation as you did back in greg minnaar bike Thanks Mjnnaar.

with 21 World Cup race wins and multiple podium positions, Greg Minnaar is the bikes that helped get him there and the teams behind the legendary, Oct

Yes, I definitely feel the same buzz and motivation as I did in I think back then it came too easy. I was young and things were happening for me.

Now I greg minnaar bike to really work for it. This bikd be a great reward for you and your Santa Cruz team that worked so hard to get this bike ready for the season? InGreg was offered a spot on Team G Cross Hondawhich used one-off internally geared frames made by Honda, with a Showa suspension. He accepted and stayed for four years, winning his second World Cup greg minnaar bike series kinnaar victory in The season ended on a bittersweet note with a dislocated and fractured shoulder early in his winning World Championship final run although Greg got back on bike with infant seat bike to salvage greg minnaar bike painful 4th-place finish.

In addition, Greg was forced to switch teams yet again when Honda pulled out of the sport and he chose the Santa Cruz Greeg team, alongside riders Steve Peat greg minnaar bike, Nathan Rennieand Josh Bryceland for the season. He has finished second bikemania game times,and and taken the bronze three timesand Minnaar has been crowned Downhill World Cup champion three timesand for winning the Mountain Bike World Cup minnaa series.

Choose a country .. Greg Minnaar. Greg first started With back-to-back World Championship wins on the Syndicate, Greg goes from strength-to-strength. Widely He progressed to mountain bike racing as soon as he left school at aged

He was also crowned Downhill World Champion in for winning the season greg minnaar bike event. Bummed if they quit making 26 parts more than anything. Either way riding is riding to me. bikee

bike greg minnaar

I just love MTB. No carbon or Eagle required. You won't believe how fast they are.

Life Skill: MTB Legend Greg Minnaar Shows How To Open A Beer Using Only Your Bike

Smumu Apr 27, at I don't minnwar i'll change anybody's mind on that one, but i've been lucky enough to own any of these wheel size, there's bike jackets for ladies advantage depending what you are looking for. Greg minnaar bike don't pay,so i'll choose whatever i would like to ride been in that greg minnaar bike. Gasket-Jeff Apr 27, at Its about fun and fear not fractions of seconds Lycra and money. I'm bummed all the lbs stopped carrying dh bixe in my neck of the woods.

Good luck with your animosity towards one of the nicest guys in the sport.

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Yes its a good looking bike, its an xxl with 29" it looks the same as my small with 26" wheels, I think wheel size depends on frame size more. That being said, as a 6'3 rider I would love to take her around the block and maybe back to my place. I'm still riding 26" because I can't afford a biike bike! Greg minnaar bike I could, I'd greg minnaar bike go Although some of the new 29er enduro bikes looks sweet YT!


JesseE Y'know what? Every wheel size has its benefits an draw backs. The only thing that's bullshit is the 26 is dead attitude. What you said. In spades. Couldn't have put it better myself. SztAmaas Apr 28, at 7: I can't help, but Greg is almost two head higher than me. For me 29 is too big. I assume greg minnaar bike you can probably handle a 29 pretty well if you can already go fast on a So if 29" lets you go faster and take more brazen lines, Its logical to start transferring your skills over to the bigger wheel.

Greg minnaar bike doesn't sound like 26 is holding very strong with greg minnaar bike dh crowd anymore. I'm having a hard time picking my next bike after blke a friends mid hike 29er My longer travel 26 was super fun while pedaling around, but I could feel the 29 holding traction on turns where the 26 greg minnaar bike have washed out. Might have to skip the JesseE Apr 28, at bike stores richmond When I went from 26 to 29er the 26 felt like it got hung up on everything, but there is something to be said for being far closer to the ground at the axels.

bike greg minnaar

If you have a bike you love riding with 26ers the fun ain't dead, but when you do wanna buy a new bike greg minnaar bike exclude wagon wheels till you've put in your due diligence and properly ridden one. NWuntilirest Apr 28, at 8: I want this bike more than anything because I'm 6' 6" and usually look greg minnaar bike a giant on most bikes.

Now only if they made a XXL 29r nomad ugh a guy can only dream.

bike greg minnaar

I saw on another video a top ride when asked about this 29er MmmBones Apr 30, kona youth bikes U could 26" this beast, just need some super monsters and gazzaloddis. TheJonmcc Apr 27, at When the news first came out, I thought it was crazy. Now reading comments about why he went for greg minnaar bike now makes it sensible, but greg minnaar bike for Greg.

The general vreg that rides DH is not 6'3".

bike greg minnaar

So brands, please don't shove 29er DH bikes on us. Thank you. Im just ahead of time that's all I honestly greg minnaar bike know for DH, but I can see the appeal at least even for smaller guys i mean 5"10 or 5"11, not smaller.

minnaar bike greg

I sure love my HT 29er more than the I think i'd be a little scared on a 29er DH bike. But I don't know. Well I'm 6'5" and have endured two greg minnaar bike of bikes that were too small for me, now it's your turn. Prepare to get your arses abraded short people!

I always lulz at the term "arse". In all seriousness, it they went with 28" instead of b, it greg minnaar bike have been the best size for all uses. RideorDie Apr 27, greg minnaar bike This bike looks surprisingly proportional. At least the first WC 29" DH bike looks good and the design makes sense for the rider on it. That's probably not even a joke. Loamhuck Apr 27, at TheJonmcc wait until you see the new Trek 29er and the too. Sorry for the bad news. Sleep well! We will see minanar two years when they roll that out with a new hub width claiming boost was 1.

I think there is some validity to greg minnaar bike. I am almost 6' and I ride a 29er trail bike. I think it is going to be a challenge for manufacturers to make 29er DH bikes for the crowd that is below lemond bikes 5'8" without having it feel unwieldy or awkward. We'll see how this plays out Based on how I have been riding with friends and race times But I think the benefit of 29" wheels may play more to the riders that are hovering around 6' and up.

Will taller riders be the only ones to be bikf to unlock this mechanical advantage? If so Extremmist Apr 28, at 7: Coronado bike rentals greg minnaar bike an XXL frame, 29" wheels look appropriate.

On a medium mlnnaar, not so much This looks pretty proportionate to me MondoEndo Apr 28, at 9: Every tall person reading this thread just jumped up and shouted amen!

Thank u lord Jesus and started dancing. In their heads anyway You know there's actaully a lot of tall guys who ride bikes? Size small is the least purchased. Large is the most purchased and pedals bikes and XL are about the same. I am 6'4" and i greg minnaar bike the handle of smaller bikes. I do agree with Minaar that bikes shouldn't be too grwg.

minnaar bike greg

Especially a DH, you need them to road bike accessories thru the rough treg, and weight helps a lot with that.

And now look at today's cvali times and think again The V10 TwentyNiners sounds like a bad indie band. Toss in the Boost Brothers and the 15 Millimeters as the supporting act, and you got one bad show. Wait until the modern punk band Pressfit greg minnaar bike up. Wamprat Apr 27, at I don't care greg minnaar bike anyone else thinks. That bike is gorgeous.

News:Jun 8, - This past weekend, South African Greg Minnaar became the first rider to win a Downhill World Cup race on a inch wheel bike.

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