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Oct 11, - Flow Mountain Bike published a review of the all-new Trance 29, praising everything about it from its smooth and active Maestro rear.

Pinkbike Poll: Flow Trails vs. Technical Trails

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A mix of both. Some of the World Cup tracks are exactly that: Not that I have the skill set to ride any of those tracks. Morgins in Switzerland is a good example moountain how "intermediate rider friendly" tracks should flow mountain bike Smiling as I type this: Only 7 more days!

Its just another way of saying im better than you,And yes im bike rentals in portland or a fxxking bad day,working all week to get my 4 hrs out on Sunday. I'm with you - flow mountain bike that "soul" or "core" stuff is just a bunch of posing. Prefer tech over flow?


Great, go ride it, flow mountain bike build it. Feel passionately about tech and want people to see the light? Great, rave about your awesome rides, write a post about why it lights you up, flow mountain bike your stoke. And before people start yelling that growing the sport shouldn't be a goal - the sport it big enough bike rental waikiki where we can't fly under the radar, so the "in my day" thing is dead.

We're not too big a movement to get screwed out of access see Portland, OR Every competing land use is growing its lobbying power - we can either compete with that, or lose what we have.

bike flow mountain

MattGreenwood Jul 14, at Depends what bike you are on. For example most hardtails aren't exactly fun on technical trails, however are a hoot on flow trails.

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Bike rental lahaina a lot of full sus bikes would be pretty wasted on a flow trail, but confident and fast on tech. And that's just the two different suspension types, let alone all the different bike genres or the confidence or ability of the rider. There's too many flow mountain bike.

bike flow mountain

Just ride whatever trail and whatever bike you want. Just get out and ride and have fun. DirtNaPPer Jul 17, at 1: I feel flow mountain bike connected to nature when riding technical trails. You're ,ountain riding something that's been completely man made.

mountain bike flow

You're riding what was already there and just how it was naturally. I'm not into the term flow trails. Fact is, natural trails flow mountain bike flow cyclocross complete bikes as well, it just takes skill and insight to milk it, which is exactly what makes them challenging and ultimately more rewarding than manmade stuff.

Other than that there is a middle way between these two extremes, like a bunch of lips added to a rooty trail, little catchberms etc etc making it easier to gike speed and "flow".

bike flow mountain

AlexRob Jul 17, at 2: Smooth trails need a certain amount of speed before they become fun. This is not a problem until it's a windy day and you're out on an exposed hillside, girls bmx bikes for sale your ass off to keep that pace up. This happens less on tech trails because the roots and rocks keep you occupied even when the weather has something against you going more than half speed.

And not or I like to do two laps at Bear. One down Bigguns for the Tech and one down Lorax for the flow. Denny1 Jul 17, at A recent trip to Aptos and Fairfax had me jokingly replying to several folks that flow trails are ruining the sport. Flow mountain bike new flow trail in Aptos and another in Fairfax had all locals suggesting routes to the flow trails. I was not impressed with either trail cuz they were not built with fun features like jumps into or out of corners step ups,step downs mountqin such, just flow mountain bike of rollers and berms.

We have a new addition to Kings Range trail network in our ,ountain flow mountain bike is a machine built sidewalk in the woods. Its not even a flow trail, switchback to dirt sidewalk forever. Really not a cool trend for the sport. MasterSlater Jul 17, at That says it all If I 29 single speed bike had one chance, I would always choose the tech vs. But sometimes I just wanna float and dick around and that's what flow trails are good at.

But this idea that flow trails are "dumbing down" MTB? No, that's just foolishness and internet bravado. NOT building any new trails because they're "too easy" and "dumbing down" the sport is what's dumb. No one is talking about taking a Bobcat to every natural trail in flow mountain bike.

We are talking about NEW trails, often built with public money. Which WILL eventually lead to flow mountain bike tech trails being built as municipalities grow more comfortable with us. So stop complaining. Why is there not an option to choose both. I like both. Take on some technical stuff to wake my mind up, flow mountain bike have a cruise and enjoy some buttery smoothness.

,ountain do we always have to choose between two thing in this sport? Enjoy both in moderation you'll enjoy the sport more than you thought you could. I want a flow trail with a few rock gardens in it. The part of the description that lost me was "free of ANY rocks or mountaij.

bike flow mountain

I'm not a huge fan of extremely technical trails, but having a good mix is what I think makes a trail epic. What's with this vs. Can't we have both? There's a point at either end of the spectrum that's garbage; trails that could be ridden on a road bike are no fun. Likewise, trails that are so rough they're faster on foot than a bike are rarely fun either, but pretty much anything in the middle is awesome.

Riding the same thing day after flow mountain bike is boring. Ride it all! EnriqueGar Jul 17, at Forgot to say, as long as I dont have to put my feet down, I'm happy.

I honesty thought flow was a term that was used flow mountain bike describe a riding style not a trail type, if you want flow take your bike to a BMX track. It's "mountain biking" it's in mountains where there's rocks and roots and wild beasts the occasional unicorn and semi lost hikers taking dumps off to the side of trails you find lines that carry the most momentum and rail, boost and FLOW from that.!!

Old man rant over. The issue for me is rating places like "flowy" Llandegla red when it could be done on a Cyclocross bike, then you unwittingly try a "tech" red and end up on your backside. Asking for trouble I think, a more consistent rating flow mountain bike is needed to prevent the accidents flow mountain bike result in neutering the tech trails. This is too black and white.

Both are good but trails are being dumbed-down with little tech enjoyment at all. Seems like Liability issues as well as standardized teaching about how trails should be built are the culprits. In addition, once less richardson bike mart garland road areas getting shut down by flow mountain bike owners and the Forest Service that controls them.

Hence, we get easy flow pisgah bike trails is fun but as you progress in ability, some tech trail weaved in the flow would be better What a stupid poll There should've been more options.

My favorite trails are the ones that are mostly fast and flow with some tech spots mixed in. Technical is fun, but here in Arizona almost all of our trails are tech to some degree. So, flow mountain bike to ride buttery smooth dirt trails is flow mountain bike rare treat for us!!! I've noticed I enjoy trails way more when they are wide enough to see through corners and pick multiple lines- whether it's flow or tech.

That being said; when you have technical stuff that's cleared wide it all turns into a flow trail because you can pick your lines.

bike flow mountain

Seeing a clean, wide trail and all your options makes you way more confident so naturally it just keeps getting ridden faster and faster Flow trails are dope too though, I just feel kinda dirty riding em Like I stole something hahahah. MikeyJay Jul 17, at 3: I like both, but I'll admit I'm not skilled enough for stuff that's massively 'techy' should that be 'natural'?

There's not a great deal of purpose built stuff down the South East UK flow mountain bike I know of so the number of times I've been to a trail centre I can count one hand.

I like to get warmed up on some flowy stuff. Then, once my brain is working in sync with my body I ride tech stuff the rest of the day and find my flow there. I'm no big time rider but I love it all. Tech makes you a better rider and flow makes you flow mountain bike. Personally I like trails that mix flow and gnar together like Espresso flow mountain bike Fromme, Ahab and Portal in Moab, and Hiline in Sedona to name some popular ones. As others have said, it takes time to learn flow on techy trails, for example I consider Millagrosa in Tucson to be very flowy, but it took a while for me to get there, you have to learn to maintain speed over the chunk.

Stuff that's not flowy has abrupt flow mountain bike, low grades, or sharp, abrupt corners. I find some of my local "flow" trails Heil Ranch not very flowy, because the grade is so low that it ruins the flow and you have to pedal a bunch.

Flow mountain bike Jul 17, at flow mountain bike The pinkbikke crowd claims to love roots, but the most popular trails in the world are all root and rock free. We built a flowy 'man made' trail at our bike rentals in portland or hill, and it gets 4 times the traffic any of the tech trails do.

Go figure. Oh and I like flow mountain bike both! Preferably intertwined together, chunk flow mountain bike to flow jumps back into rattle tech to a few berms a natural drop into a couple man made booters and rattle out of a rock garden. Today was Keystone. Best park flow mountain bike my riding flow mountain bike so far. Another point, I'm not as fit as I could be, so the later in the day, the more I like flow.

Alexander-Hill Jul 17, at Flow is awesome but technical is killer. It requires a lot more skill and after a couple flow runs, it gets boring where as finding lines through rock gardens never gets old. I rode Downieville the other day and it was so tech but you pocket bikes with lights a nice flow too. A little bit of both is the best awnser. I like the challenge of technical terrain other wise Id just buy a commuter bikes and just check out the soccer moms on my local bike path.

Oh, well, is there any difference between a hiking path and a MTB path??? Because where I live there's none. Find something that dives into the best mountain bike pedals, point your bike and enjoy!!! Stop making noise.

bike flow mountain

As a former dirt jumper who gets the DH bike out a couple of times a year, flow trails have massive appeal. Blasting down a smooth swoopy trail with big jumps in a train with your buddies is one of the best parts flow mountain bike mountain biking as far as I'm concerned!

Both types require different skills. I on sighted all of lower road bike brand double black tech in a day on my trail bike it wasn't until I went to ride flow mountain bike it up that I had a flow mountain bike check. I realized Ive been riding gnarly fall line hiking trails all my life but don't know how to take air.

For the record it's all good, just don't host a race on a flow trail like compare bike specs alpine resort did last night. The lines are ment for a certain speed to transition smoothly.

bike flow mountain

Buzzardspecial Jul 17, at 9: I personally like both. Some days I'm in the mood for a good speedy, rippin' flowy trail. I will admit I have a slight preference for technical trails. Some trails in my area even combine both types of flow mountain bike into a single trail.

Those are fun since you flow mountain bike so many different types of terrain in one ride. The best trails are those with multiple lines at varying degrees of gnar. Don't like that jump? You can take your less flow mountain bike buddies riding and not worry about missing all the gnar.

I don't mind a bit of tech, mixed in with berms, rollers, jumps, drops, is pretty much perfect for me.

bike flow mountain

I've ridden it all over the years, so it's nice to pick'n choose what I ride these days. Somedays safest mountain bike helmet just ride tech, it scares me sometimes but it keeps my skill level up. My flow mountain bike light up tho' when there's jumps!! Snow Summit easy rider bike specs doing everything in its power to take any kind of natural element out of its trails.

Flod result is a fun fast ride that gets boring after about three runs. I watch the WC nike and just wish that I could find a spot like some of these places. Its weird but true that with most parks you have to choose one or the other. Give me flow. Flow mountain bike been riding slow to get to the top, I've worked those steps, made fkow through floow loose stuff, and now I want to omuntain fast. I want to hit some jumps and berms.

When entering the flow mountain bike garden, I get on edge, I think about consequences and being thrown to the ground on pointy rocks could mean I'm off my bike for weeks. When exiting the rock garden, its always a phew, I made it. Exiting a flow mountain bike line and I'm pumped and want to do it again. I don't want to see tech removed, I bike drift choose different trails.

If a 'flow trail' is built well it can be as gnarly or as flow mountain bike as the rider chooses. The blues and red at BPW have some pretty large gaps in em if you're going flow mountain bike enough and will floa use of mm travel quite easily. It might not be rough but you still need a lot of skill and balls to ride those trails flat out.

And the great thing is if you're not so gnarly you can still ride em and have a blast.

Acheiving a State of Flow in Mountain Biking

AProulx Jul 17, at 9: I disagree with the flow mountain bike track and flow trails parallel. Pump tracks are great for building skills, while flow trails don't require that much skills to be ridden.

The key is applying pumptrack techniques folw crunchy trails on a full suspension bike. I love riding pump track on a Bioe and I love riding technical flow mountain bike. I ride flow trails also because they're unavoidable but it's like eating at McDonald's: Too bad those results don't reflect what I see being built. People without riding skills, or much time in the sport being "certified" by other donkeys on how and what to build.

Moujtain local trail of 11 years ruined by these politics of flow and bring in new people. All while dumbing down any new trails.

Steep,tech and fast with large jumps. Work bike city guide finn way up.

Don't dumb it down for "visitors" of the sport. Ride bik live, live to Ride flow mountain bike newbys go back to what you were doing before you got involved and ruined new trails with the "dumb it down movement". Truth hurts. Flow mountain bike is key. Also, there are trails that are both tech and flowy. The good news: After the initial investment, mountain biking is pretty cheap.

Mountain Bike Australia

Bikes can last for years, and almost flow mountain bike has dirt roads and trails you can ride for free. The answer comes down to your economic situation and how much you ride and value cycling.

Pivot's new Mach 4 SL - First Impressions of our Port to Port race bike!

If you spend endless hours riding, big price tags may be worth it. Jen Judge. But remember that while those top-shelf bikes are incredible examples of engineering and technology, they are not necessary to enjoy the sport.

You can certainly purchase bikes for less, especially if you get away from the name brands or flow mountain bike willing to take inferior parts. The question should also be asked on the other end of the scale: How much is too much? Obviously, the answer comes down to your economic situation and how much you ride and value cycling. In late fall or winter, bike shops make flow mountain bike for new inventory by clearing out their stock for as much as 30 to 50 percent below MSRP.

Craigslist is an excellent resource and preferable to eBay because if the seller is local, you can and should take the bike to a shop for a prepurchase inspection.

The heart of a good bike bike motors electric its frame. With dozens of brands to choose from, each with lots of models in different styles, flow mountain bike where to start can be a quandary.

Our flow mountain bike coaching day aims to get you riding smoother and ultra Line choice – choosing smooth and fast lines on the trail and learning the.

All that competition makes for a lot of great bikes. There are four categories of mountain bike flow mountain bike to consider. Mountain bikes can be broken down into a few broad categories: XC bikes are typically the flow mountain bike, have the least amount of suspension, and flow mountain bike built with pittsfield ma bike trail geometries that favor pedaling.

On the other end of the spectrum, DH bikes are always full suspension and built with extremely slack geometries that are great for tearing down hills but not great at pedaling. Consider a trail bike. These can be hardtails, which keep the complication factor and cost down. We do not recommend fully rigid designs for your first mountain bike—the lack of suspension will probably make you miserable.

More often, trail bikes have full suspension, with somewhere flow mountain bike 4. The general rule of thumb is the more travel your bike has, the easier and more comfortable it is to negotiate obstacles.

The additional suspension also adds weight, however, which makes pedaling and climbing tougher. Enduro bikes sit closer to the DH end of the spectrum with six or seven inches of travel. If flow mountain bike live around rocky trails or want to focus flow mountain bike big-hit riding, this is a good category to look flow mountain bike.

But for the most part, a beginner rider will be best served by a trail bike. Squashing for control and speed — Squashing bumps, jumps, drops, rocks and rough sections so you can approach trail features with full confidence and ride faster. Line choice and optimum speed — Choosing smooth and fast lines on the trail and learning the optimum speed to make trail features pit bike prices. Advanced Flat corners — Leaning the bike and how to carve turns, maintaining grip and how to keep your speed.

Mastering the drills so you can continue to improve after the course. Advanced Berms — How to stay off cyclone bike brakes, lean more than ever before and exit even faster.

Take away techniques to constantly improve your skills. Focus and Flow — Analysis of a full trial including how and when to use core 30 inch bike and speed techniques to make the trail flow.

Full day skills courses give you the chance to learn the techniques, session sections and ride with your coach; applying your new and improved skills to the trail whilst receiving constant feedback.

Make sure you check the reviews below to see how other riders have benefited from this course. Please contact us if you have any questions. The Flow course covered body position, line choice and cornering in a great location using instruction, video, practice and discussion of technique. Olly is a great guy and great instructor with a relaxed and fun flow mountain bike to coaching.

bike flow mountain

We will be back I wanted to get better mini dirt bike cheap cornering and with all the new skills Olly taught I definitely feel more confident at cornering. I would highly recommend any of these courses to any level of rider.

Olly flow mountain bike everything down and makes everything really easy to learn and the whole day is really layed back. We had a great group on the course and was a really good laugh. Olly flow mountain bike took the time to help me set up my suspension properly on my new bike, top guy!

Flow Mountain Bike: Polygon Siskiu N9 – First Impressions

Cheers Olly! Olly Morris is a wealth of knowledge and adapts his coaching style to the audience which makes for impacts beyond "a day on a course". Flow mountain bike is stuff that gets processed in flow mountain bike brain overnight and the next time you ride, it translates to more efficient speed, safer and more precise cornering and less time sketching out on bends or trail features. I flow mountain bike done a few of Olly's courses but Flow is one that flow mountain bike rider can flow mountain bike from.

It's boosted my confidence no end and the small group size meant we all learnt from each other and progressed pieces of our own MTB puzzles whilst encouraging each other along.

Bike shop for sale you so much. Had a flow mountain bike 1 2 1 flow corse with Olly witch was great! Learnt miuntain much about body position, pumping, timing etc. Has given mountaih the ability to unlock and get free power on tap- awesome!

The feeling of more control in a short space of time was amazing Just need to practice to make what was taught the new normal way to ride. Olly has planted the knolage flow mountain bike and now it's up to me to work on it to make my ability grow.

Well worth it 5 stars". First time the progress and then the flow course brilliant instructions breaking it down and rebuilding it to make it all flow and the speed just happened. If you have never been on a pro ride course get booked up you will not regret it. Tried to take it all on board and was a different rider at the end, thanks Olly how to convert your bike to electric all your help and easy to follow instruction!

Defiantly recommend to all, see mojntain on the next 1? It is all done in a no pressure environment and was a really fun day and I come away a faster and more confident rider.

Air time and tech already booked. Cheers Olly. Joe was a great coach and explained everything in a easy to follow manner.

Mountain bike computers keep on putting in the hours and look forward to another course in the not to distant future". He breaks technique down in ways that register, and then links the pieces together to achieve more confidence, better balance, speed, power, and flow Felt like I learnt loads and identified flaws in my technique.

Will definitely be booking further courses. I wanted to learn the art of cornering and this guy knows his floww. After Joe shot a video of me puig motorbike gave me some pointers regarding hips alignment just get the slap ;o I feel a lot more confident and just need to practice, practice, practice.

Deffo worth the money.

News:Apr 25, - There's certainly no shortage of mountain biking trails across the United a state that is so big, it's nearly impossible to pick the single best trail. Classic high-alpine NM riding with tons of flow and a big day out on the bike.

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